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Not long ago, I was told about AceMyHW from my friend who is an Arts major.  Unlike our nerd friends, we were struggling with our math classes.  I mean all I want to do is acting and drama.  I dont have time to sit down and solve some lame math homework.  My friend had been using this site for a while and had great luck so recommended me.

I logged onto and found it to be pretty easy to post my homework assignment.  I chatted with a few math experts on the site.  It is so dope that they have reviews on the site.  I was chatting with this tutor called topnotcher who had 100s of reviews going back years.  I know what you are thinking, that this is a scam.  I thought so too but my friend Mindy swore that it wasnt and she had used this topnotcher guy many times.  So, I took a chance with him and gave him my math assignment.

After a couple of hours he uploaded my SOLVED !!! math homework and I got an email from the site telling me it was ready for review.  I logged on the site and downloaded the work.  I was a bit hesitant about just handing the work in to my teacher (I mean what if she found out).  So, I took some time to read over the solution. I kinda felt the solutions were correct.  I had no way of knowing ofcourse 🙂 . But since I had to goto a party later that night to meet this hot guy, I figured what the hell.  So I uploaded the solution on the school website.  EEK!  Well, after a few days, I got my result and the teacher gave me a 95 score.  WOW!  I was very impressed and sent a message thanking this guy.  I have used the site multiple times after this and I am so happy Mindy recommeded them to me.  They have been a lifesaver and thanks to topnotcher, I passed my stupid Math class! Hooray.

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College Essay about A Doll’s House

Henrik Ibsen‘s  “A Doll’s House.”- a world lights and shadows


Henrik Ibsen is a writer, thanks to whom the Scandinavian literatures play a role in world culture for the first time. For literary theorists is the creator of a “new era” in the field of drama. For mass viewers and readers he is just the author of “Nora” – the popular name that is more often named Ibsen’s drama “A Doll’s House.”

He works in the second half and at the end of the nineteenth century, but the themes, issues and characters that appear in the middle of his dramas still incites the search for answers to the “eternal questions” such as: who am I, what am I and what I want to be ,where am I and what is the community in which I live.

One of his own, Norwegian playwright Helge Krog (Heiberg) , compares the eternity of Ibsen’s work with the light which comes to us from space long after the broadcast of its stars.  Although the source is far away, that light flows continuously and is always new. So it is with the dramas of Ibsen.  Light metaphors are provoked by the dramas of Ibsen, where dream of the characters in sun, rays and heat is in contrast with the bleak environment with marsh air, which they are forced to live in.Perhaps this is the reason for another dominant idea of ​​the Norwegian playwright – the one of “dark Ibsen.”.Dark and light are in constant rivalry.The idea of ​​his dark radiation is so dominant that it left its mark both in outline of his personal portrait and in his interpretation as an artist. Ibsen is like “Northern Sphinx” who refers occasionally his harrowing mystery to mankind, he is like “cruel and dark thinker.”

Actually, the game between light and darkness clash between heat and cold stem from the complex relief and climate of northern Norway. This is the country of fjords, deep gorges and high cliffs, mountainous area with pleasant and short summer, with rapid overblown vegetation, with long and stormy winter and spring – with fogs and falling avalanches.In this land live a fishing and rural people who on the one hand are forced to lead raw combat with nature, is characterized by sober and realistic outlook on life and on the other is prone to dreaminess and deep mysticism. In dwellings, surrounded by high cliffs that do not allow the sun to penetrate the straits are born dark and focused people a lifetime studying the Bible and quietly digging the big problems of life. These are lands once inhabited by Vikings, who argue that the distant voyages reached the shores of America long before Columbus’s time. A fjords, deep gorges and high cliffs that are interior, among which are born characters and storyline of the Scandinavian sagas.

The greater part of his life Ibsen spent away from home – in Italy and  in Germany but he never  change, the Scandinavian theme  in his work . Action in his plays rare played against the backdrop of snow-capped fjords or ordinary, but northern homes. Characters, whether they are prominent members of the community, representatives of the middle class, maids or carpenters are always Norwegians .

In a letter of 1880 to his German translator Ibsen said: “Everything written by me, has the closest connection with what I have experienced …”So every piece, published under my pen is opened to me the meaning of spiritual liberation and purification. “The reason for this revelation created a year earlier drama “A Doll’s House.”

Creative story “A Doll’s House” is associated with two close to the family of Ibsen writers with whom he met at different stages of their lives. This is Camilla Collett, zealous advocate of women’s rights, and Laura Petersen (in man – Killer), Norwegian-Danish writer whose family drama is the origin of the experiences of Nora.

Laura Petersen Ibsen met when she was still very young. Only nineteen, Laura wrote a novel called “Daughters of Brand.” Already married to Victor Killer she took a loan without his knowledge. Reason for credit was the illness of her husband- tuberculosis and its  refusal to seek help from her wealthy father. Laura alone decide to provides the money. After a trip abroad, her husband’s health was  improving. Impose, however new loans that later she may find it difficult to repay. She was chained to the bed after her last birth. All her hopes for the acquisition of money are associated with finding a publisher of one of her works with the purpose of recommendations she sent it to Ibsen, but he expressed extremely negative. Laura burned the manuscript and fell  in a spiritual crisis. Meanwhile, the secret comes out. She was banished from home, without being assessed. later Victor reconciled with Laura. She returns home and since winning as a writer herself, managed to pay off the loans.

These events greatly impressed Ibsen, the more he feels personally involved in them. In the original story, however, the writer brings a number of changes.First introduced Ibsen forgery of the signature of the father, which has the dual effect. On the one hand, aggravates the situation of Nora  infront Helmer and the public, which can eventually learn of her deception .On the other hand, adds touch of nobility in her actions that are prompted by the desire to save the care of both- the sick husband and his dying father. Laura was evicted from her  home, but later returned to regain her place of mother and wife.   For Nora such an outcome is unthinkable, no alternative to a late return is possible.

In the conceptual center of the drama became public and universal issues such as the individual’s right of choice, the exercise of the free will of the individual, the dependence of the individual prejudices of the environment, and the conflict between the external, visible side of things and their actual content.

The Story-the episode in which her lender Krogstad asks her to obtain from her husband his return to work, threatening her that if it fails will tell him about the loan.

Nora becomes terrified by the fact that for her “feat” will tell a foreign man with a coarse words.

But it turns out that what for her is heroism, for the law is a crime. She is waiting to arrest her, but much more unbearable is the behavior of Helmer who wants to find out who she did so. He experiences “natural aversion” of liars. Nora has always trusted Helmer, she thought that he was better than her . Krogstad writes the letter of Helmer, in which it reported on the forgery of the signature.

While Helmer  reading the letter, Nora wants to run away from home. Starts the scandal Helmer sees Nora crook…. She is expecting a miracle. Believed in the miracle-that her beloved husband is going to have such a desire to sacrifice  as she did.

Receive a second letter from Krogstad, in which he renounces all claims: “I am saved!”-rejoice Helmer. “And me?”- Norah ask. “And you!”

Helmer is willing to forget evrything and forgive his wife. But there is  the storm that is rising in her soul. She’s lost illusions, seeing his real face. Behind the façade of sophistication when things get tense out actually hides a tyrannical and weak kind, on which public ugliness has made a deep impression. The fear of the loss of a secure and well funded job, which will lead to income deprivation, Helmer displayed in the creepy conviction over Nora: “but  no one man would sacrifice his honor for a woman.” nothing can keep Nora into her house because the real image emerges of her husband – a “foreign man”, with whom she has lived for eight years, a “foreign person” to whom she gave birth to three children. Like the ancient tragedy occurs “recognition scene”. And so, as Nora in the last act of the drama with taking the  mask suit turns into true Nora, which has obligation to herself  and Helmer revelied his face – a public face embossed with which he fully merged.

Initially, the society was something that didn’t bother  much  Nora before the same society to intervene in its relations with Helmer. In the last action Nora is no longer interested in what society will do or people will say. She understands that compliance with public regulation does not always lead to result in a positive direction, because this regulation not only is not equal for all, but it’s too controversial, but in the world of integrity, in which live, lacking elementary morality and humanity. The heroine turns into a modern Antigone, which still trust their judgements about fairness of the “unwritten”, the eternal human laws, and “written” has yet to verify the.

Ibsen’s contemporaries often said that the new DRAMA begins with the words of Nora: “we have a lot to talk about!”

These words are spatial and compositional Center of the play.

In the Ibsen’s dramas, heroes, on whose inner conflict is built, are required to clarify to the end their attitude towards the events and ideas.

Nora’s line “we have a lot to talk about!” is the dramatic knot conflict that remains unresolved within the play and is exported outside the theater. So Ibsen realized his goal – the audience to “participate” in his lyrics. This suggests scandalised public opinion and makes Ibsen popular.

According to societal norms of morality, the sacred duty of the woman is to be a wife and mother.

Nora doesn’t believe in it: “I think that, above all, I’m human!”

The final play was the infamous

He caused such a controversy, in hotels and restaurants was put  inscriptions: “Please do not discuss the” doll’s House “.” The theatres are not solved to put the play with such end and entered the scene in which Nora, seeing the kids out and stayed at home.

Ibsen was enraged by such attitude to his work: “the whole play was written for the final scene.”-saying it.

Two years after the onset of  drama Ibsen offers the audience a new, more scandalous- “Ghosts” -a drama that tells about what would happen if Nora was not left home. Instead of escaping, in this play the heroine is returnined back to the family and faced all the negative consequences of this. The main character, Mrs. Alving, was essentially a Nora, which, however, has resigned his position, not complied with procurement arrangements.. But while “do

ll’s House” ends when the heroes discern precisely the gaping chasm between them, then the action in “Ghosts” begins with the abyss. The discovery of the reasons for its existence is a major problem of the drama.

IBSEN’S TASK is to make a serious drama; to force the Viewer to think along with the author and the characters, turning it into a co-author in the drama have to fight no ideas should be portrayed conflict of people life conflicts, in which are hidden deeply struggling, failing or winning ideas. The play does not have to end with the fall of the curtain. The real payoff is outside its borders. The playwright sets the direction. The purpose of each task the spectator or reader to get alone to the finish line by way of personal creativity striving to awaken the human thought.






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                          RUSSIAN REVOLUTION 1917 AND WORLD WAR I

Introduction thesis:

Russia was known for the tsarist autocracy and the Russian Revolution which occurred in 1917 was not a single revolution rather it was a series of revolutions which out thrown the Tsarist autocracy. Lenin was responsible for withdrawing Russia from the First World War and it was not good for the western allies. This allowed Russia to be concentrating more on its own and dethrone the Tsar.

Main Body:

This section discussed the various causes and reasons which led to the Russian revolution and affected the World War I.

Russian Revolution:

            The Russian revolution was famous for destroying the Tsarist autocracy who was the monarch in Russia to have a Provisional Government. It also led to the formation of the world’s first communist country and also established the Bolsheviks to be the leaders of Russia. It was started by the women workers as they were dealing with poverty and too much labor. There were men and women on streets to protest for their rights and stopping the war and ending the autocracy.

Russian Revolution’s impact on the World War I:

            The Russian Revolution was the result of the effects of World War I. The First World War started in 1914 and had put a lot of strain on the nations participating and Russia was one of them. The pressures of the war made the people of Russia devastated and adamant to change. As Russia decides to leave the war after the revolution broke it weakened the western allies and thus has a decisive role in the outcome of the war.


            This section concludes the various outcomes and effects of the Russian Revolution and its impact on the First world War.


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Essay about reading

Reading: Broadens Vision

Reading is a very common practice but it is practiced to fulfill different purposes. People likes to read for the several purposes like entertainment, gathering information, as time pass, as recipe etc. Students read their text books, some by choice or some under the exam pressure. There is lot of literature, science journals, poems, stories, novels, and plays etc. which are available for the readers. Reading helps in developing your character, broadening your vision etc. For me, reading is like an addiction, it is really very difficult for me to sleep without reading any literature piece whether it is poem, short story or anything else.

I wish I had known about different writing styles as it could be helpful for me to understand the writing formats. By reading the journals one can learn how to write in a paper format for the publication. This provided information regarding how to express the statement of facts supported by evidences to prove the thesis statement. In future it will helpful for me a lot while writing about my own experiences and research reports. As an author one should know how to express your research work or experience in an authentic way so that it can help other in further research. I will utilize my skill regarding writing in exploring and sharing my research and experiences in future. Reading literatures, eBooks, journals enable me to understand different genres of writing and correct of organizing and expressing my thought.

Poems are short and sweet, in which the poet tells the experience or say a story in a couple of sentences, incorporating rhyme, emotions etc. In the short story the writer says the story in a layman language which anyone can understand just by reading it. Here I have shared the experience of listening to a poem and reading a short story. My Papa’s Waltzisa short poem written by Theodor Rotheke. In the poem the poet has shown his emotions for the parents especially father, he has showed how much the fathers are concerned about their wards. I have read the poem; it seems to be very emotional.The Necklaceis a short story written byGuy de Maupassant. It is the story of a beautiful lady called “Meme Forester” who was tired of her poverty. She wanted to enjoy luxuries for which she paid a lot in the story.  The writer has shown the emotions of the lady through simple story telling. From the very beginning in our lives, our parents, teachers use to teach use through reading. Nursery rhymes are an unforgettable experience in every child’s life. We all have read and learned these rhymes at our schools in very young age. This initiates the reading habit in us.

According to me the readers should read literature or other things like a writer as it provides a different vision. This enablesus to make choices in writing. It helps to understand the connection between reading and writing. Reading helps to enhance our knowledge and writing skills; most importantly it broadens our vision so that one can absorb the changes in the surroundings easily. My father reads the newspaper and magazines daily to gather information about the politics, incidents happening in our country etc. I read the newspaper and magazines to gather information about sports, career opportunities etc. Reading these information sources provides a different experience; I have mentioned this to explain the fact that reading different things always fulfills different kinds of purposes. I love to read because I think many of the literature pieces, stories, and newspaper reports etc. updates our information, these enable us to understand the past, present and future.

The stories, plays, novels etc. provides morals. reading The Holy Bible makes us feel near to God. It creates a sense of spirituality; similarly reading moral stories provides us lessons of life through which we learn how to adapt ourselves according to the situation successfully. Though the real life experiences are much more important in teaching the moral lessons but still reading books and other things supports our experiences with evidences. I have read so many motivational books which motivate and encourage me to explore my skills. It strengthens me and my character to combat with adversities of life. I have mentioned that reading broadens our vision, actually many great writers and philosophers have admitted that Books are the best friend or teacher as it teaches you how to survive in different situations. There are numerous books based on different experiences, morals etc., biographies and autobiographies of great people act as guiding footsteps by following which one can achieve great success in his or her life. Through reading I learned about different approaches towards success, writing skills which will surely help me in my future to explore my talent and achieve success in life as it provides me a broad vision and helps me to overcome my conservative mentality so that I can understand the other person’s opinion and adjust according to the changes which is very important for a successful survival.





Homework Essay | College Homework Help



Decision-Making Process

For buying a home









Every decision making process is definitely needs to be properly well thought of and planned in a manner so that going forward issues of any type arising out of the decision being undertaken, can be handled properly. (Monahan, G. 2010) My decision making process would be for purchasing a new house for the purpose of dwelling at the heart of the city. Now, as evident, it requires planning and proper alignment of ideas and execution of those ideas in the right track to reach the goal.

Steps of the process

At the foremost, I will chalk out a plan of what exactly is the requirement. Next, how much cost it would incur to buy a house of desire and that too at the heart of the city. Now, the next step would be assess all my tangible and intangible assets so as to be able to calculate how much I am prepared for paying up for the price of the house and how much will be left after purchasing the same. This is one way but if I do not possess sufficient amount of money then the alternative strategy would to go for a bank loan so I will look for all available options for availing a loan and that too at an attractive interest rate and other benefits. And once I am settled with a good deal-providing with an acceptable rate of interest and an equated monthly payment which is best suited for me, I can move happily and apply for the loan and once it is sanctioned, I can easily avail the house.

Comparison of the process with in text process

The steps that have been mentioned above are quite similar to the ones described in the text as both the processes are devised and directed in a manner so that the ultimate target can be reached (irrespective of the target itself) with lesser hassle and issues of any type and the strategic planning as outlined above are also in sync to that described in the text. (Daniel Kahneman et al. 2010) The only point that can be said here that signifies the difference of the process described in text and the process outlined as per my own plan is that in real life everything can change all on a sudden and so a plan that seems very lucrative now, may not be the same say five years down the line so application of the processes in reality can be very tough at times and challenging as well and this varies from person to person and depends on a large extent upon the situation. (Schacter, Gilbert, 2012)

Difference if opted for the same path outlined in text

There practically would not have much difference barring the fact that the additional safety precautionary measures which are mentioned in the text are difficult to be met up and if I would have to blindly follow text methods then the financial part needs to be strengthened and for that it would definitely incur more time to reach the desired objective.




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