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My experience with AceMYHW – They Rock

Not long ago, I was told about AceMyHW from my friend who is an Arts major.  Unlike our nerd friends, we were struggling with our math classes.  I mean all I want to do is acting and drama.  I dont have time to sit down and solve some lame math homework.  My friend had been using this site for a while and had great luck so recommended me.

I logged onto and found it to be pretty easy to post my homework assignment.  I chatted with a few math experts on the site.  It is so dope that they have reviews on the site.  I was chatting with this tutor called topnotcher who had 100s of reviews going back years.  I know what you are thinking, that this is a scam.  I thought so too but my friend Mindy swore that it wasnt and she had used this topnotcher guy many times.  So, I took a chance with him and gave him my math assignment.

After a couple of hours he uploaded my SOLVED !!! math homework and I got an email from the site telling me it was ready for review.  I logged on the site and downloaded the work.  I was a bit hesitant about just handing the work in to my teacher (I mean what if she found out).  So, I took some time to read over the solution. I kinda felt the solutions were correct.  I had no way of knowing ofcourse 🙂 . But since I had to goto a party later that night to meet this hot guy, I figured what the hell.  So I uploaded the solution on the school website.  EEK!  Well, after a few days, I got my result and the teacher gave me a 95 score.  WOW!  I was very impressed and sent a message thanking this guy.  I have used the site multiple times after this and I am so happy Mindy recommeded them to me.  They have been a lifesaver and thanks to topnotcher, I passed my stupid Math class! Hooray.

Check them out if you are stuck with your homework.