Essay about reading

Reading: Broadens Vision

Reading is a very common practice but it is practiced to fulfill different purposes. People likes to read for the several purposes like entertainment, gathering information, as time pass, as recipe etc. Students read their text books, some by choice or some under the exam pressure. There is lot of literature, science journals, poems, stories, novels, and plays etc. which are available for the readers. Reading helps in developing your character, broadening your vision etc. For me, reading is like an addiction, it is really very difficult for me to sleep without reading any literature piece whether it is poem, short story or anything else.

I wish I had known about different writing styles as it could be helpful for me to understand the writing formats. By reading the journals one can learn how to write in a paper format for the publication. This provided information regarding how to express the statement of facts supported by evidences to prove the thesis statement. In future it will helpful for me a lot while writing about my own experiences and research reports. As an author one should know how to express your research work or experience in an authentic way so that it can help other in further research. I will utilize my skill regarding writing in exploring and sharing my research and experiences in future. Reading literatures, eBooks, journals enable me to understand different genres of writing and correct of organizing and expressing my thought.

Poems are short and sweet, in which the poet tells the experience or say a story in a couple of sentences, incorporating rhyme, emotions etc. In the short story the writer says the story in a layman language which anyone can understand just by reading it. Here I have shared the experience of listening to a poem and reading a short story. My Papa’s Waltzisa short poem written by Theodor Rotheke. In the poem the poet has shown his emotions for the parents especially father, he has showed how much the fathers are concerned about their wards. I have read the poem; it seems to be very emotional.The Necklaceis a short story written byGuy de Maupassant. It is the story of a beautiful lady called “Meme Forester” who was tired of her poverty. She wanted to enjoy luxuries for which she paid a lot in the story.  The writer has shown the emotions of the lady through simple story telling. From the very beginning in our lives, our parents, teachers use to teach use through reading. Nursery rhymes are an unforgettable experience in every child’s life. We all have read and learned these rhymes at our schools in very young age. This initiates the reading habit in us.

According to me the readers should read literature or other things like a writer as it provides a different vision. This enablesus to make choices in writing. It helps to understand the connection between reading and writing. Reading helps to enhance our knowledge and writing skills; most importantly it broadens our vision so that one can absorb the changes in the surroundings easily. My father reads the newspaper and magazines daily to gather information about the politics, incidents happening in our country etc. I read the newspaper and magazines to gather information about sports, career opportunities etc. Reading these information sources provides a different experience; I have mentioned this to explain the fact that reading different things always fulfills different kinds of purposes. I love to read because I think many of the literature pieces, stories, and newspaper reports etc. updates our information, these enable us to understand the past, present and future.

The stories, plays, novels etc. provides morals. reading The Holy Bible makes us feel near to God. It creates a sense of spirituality; similarly reading moral stories provides us lessons of life through which we learn how to adapt ourselves according to the situation successfully. Though the real life experiences are much more important in teaching the moral lessons but still reading books and other things supports our experiences with evidences. I have read so many motivational books which motivate and encourage me to explore my skills. It strengthens me and my character to combat with adversities of life. I have mentioned that reading broadens our vision, actually many great writers and philosophers have admitted that Books are the best friend or teacher as it teaches you how to survive in different situations. There are numerous books based on different experiences, morals etc., biographies and autobiographies of great people act as guiding footsteps by following which one can achieve great success in his or her life. Through reading I learned about different approaches towards success, writing skills which will surely help me in my future to explore my talent and achieve success in life as it provides me a broad vision and helps me to overcome my conservative mentality so that I can understand the other person’s opinion and adjust according to the changes which is very important for a successful survival.